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Ace Web Solutions has just published the first in a series of Ebooks on Web Design and Development, "Let's Learn Something - 15 Short and Easy-To-Follow Lessons in Web Design and Development". This first edition features 15 easy-to-follow lessons learned from our 8+ years of professional experience in the field.

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"Let's Learn Something" comprises 15 Chapters:

  1. The Box Model
  2. CSS Positioning
  3. Coding to your Top 5 Priorities
  4. DIV tags and Setting Heights
  5. Tables are so 1990s
  6. Much ado about DocTypes
  7. To List or not to List
  8. A Lesson in Website Optimization
  9. CSS Resetting
  10. TRouBLe TRouBLes those who TRouBLe TRouBLe
  11. Coding to Web Standards
  12. CSS Rollovers vs. Image Rollover
  13. Website Architecture
  14. Are you in LoVe? HA!
  15. Testing/Quality Assurance

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